Monday, December 7, 2009

Who Ya Gonna Call? Ghostbusters!

The good ol' guys at Campaign for Liberty posted a very interesting article about government intervention in environmental issues. Simply put, government has caused more problems than it helps solve. The fact that Tom Mullen weaves in nostalgia and ties it to the (brief) history of government environmentalism is worthy in and of itself and makes the article an inevitable prospect for a Goins Report.

Want proof of the government's sheer incompetence in solving environmental issues? Read Tom Mullen's article this week called "Make Obama Watch Ghostbusters."

Afterward, reflect on some nostalgia. Remember, it's the Goins Report! Where we (really meaning I) ain't scared of no ghosts!

P.S. I remember drinking the "Ecto cooler" Hi-Cs. Elementary school was the best!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A Note on the National Inflation Association

Update 4/25/11: I no longer use the National Inflation Association as a source (Gary North refuted an article of theirs on his website).

Update 5/23/11: Peter Schiff has given me more reasons not to listen to advice of the National Inflation Association. Read my post "The National Inflation Association Scam"

Update 1/9/2012: NIA is a scam - Do Not Promote Their Videos

Mises on what continued inflation results in

"Continued inflation must finally end in the crack-up boom, the complete breakdown of the currency system." -Ludwig Von Mises

Update 2012: Yes, the old relic poster

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