Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Michael Peck is Dead Wrong on Ron Paul and Secession

This can't even be called a hit-piece for the sole reason that it doesn't hit. Exhibit A:
If secession is a fundamental right that some Texans can petition the White House for secession, then why not honor Atlanta’s petition to secede from the state of Georgia? And if your state can secede at will, then why can’t your county, your town, or even your street declare independence? Where does it stop?
Exhibit B:
Is there a fundamental right to secede? Sure there is, in the same way that robbing your neighbor’s house can be justified as a fundamental right if you are starving.
The author gets it backwards. He likens secession to robbing your neighbor. But what anti-freedom bubble does this guy live in? To the contrary, secession would be that neighbor trying to get away from the robber who has full endorsement of the government. And what's so immoral about that? Why wouldn't secession continue there? Ron Paul's Secession Blackmail of America || Forbes Online

Monday, November 26, 2012

Ron Paul likens Gaza to 'Concentration Camp'; Calls Out Obama's Hypocrisy on HAMAS Rocket Condemnation

Ron Paul on Obama's support of Israel's "right to defend itself":
Last week, as the fighting raged, President Obama raced to express US support for the Israeli side, in a statement that perfectly exemplifies the tragic-comedy of US foreign policy. The US supported the Israeli side because, he said, "No country on Earth would tolerate missiles raining down on its citizens from outside its borders.” Considering that this president rains down missiles on Yemen, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and numerous other countries on a daily basis, the statement was so hypocritical that it didn’t pass the laugh test. But it wasn’t funny.
How to End the Tragedy in Gaza || Ron Paul

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Monday, November 19, 2012

Gary North on Ron Paul's Farewell Address

I like the way he put it:
For a nationally known politician to build a career based on his never having attained political power, never wanting to attain political power, and never having anybody suggest that he was going to attain political power, is one of the great anomalies in the history of American politics.
Ron Paul's Farewell Address: An Anomaly in American History || Gary North

*Gary North was Ron Paul's first staff economist back in the 1970s. Here is the text of Ron Paul's Farewell Speech

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Go Michelle: Michele Bachmann Suggests Axing The Department Of Education

Huff-Po reports the following:
In a speech in Iowa in April, the presidential hopeful fiercely criticized the department, saying that it is one agency "we can live without."
She's absolutely right. We have had privatized education for at least the first 50 years since the ratification of the Constitution.

Obama Jobs Plan to Push More K-12 Bloat?

Ron Paul: Fixing America's Debt Crisis

Ron Paul: Fixing America's Debt Crisis

Ron Paul "We're In A Debt Crisis That's Worldwide"

Another old video that I had saved in the drafts from 2011.

BookTV: Phyllis Schlafly, "No Higher Power"

Political Pundit, Essayist, Atheist Christopher Hitchens Dies at 62 |

Political Pundit, Essayist, Atheist Christopher Hitchens Dies at 62 | Wow. I had this one saved in the drafts since last December. Just publishing this now.

BookTV: Medea Benjamin, "Drone Warfare"

Ron Paul on FEMA and NFIP

"Many assume it is compassionate to entrust government central planners with disaster recovery. However, the greatest compassion brings results, not just good intentions."
Ron Paul || The Economics Of Disaster

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Pat Buchanan on the "Coming Age of Austerity"

"With government in the U.S. at all levels consuming 40 percent of gross domestic product, and taxes 30 percent, taxes will have to rise and government spending be controlled or cut. The alternative is to destroy the debt by depreciating the dollars in which it is denominated – i.e., by Fed-induced inflation." Patrick Buchanan || The Coming Age of Austerity

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

My OTHER Big Idea for Presidential Debate Reform: Allow Third Party Candidates to Participate

Allow them to participate, regardless of polling.

But come to think of it: All this talk of reform isn't really libertarian at all. The "libertarian" view might more radically be repeal of the office of the presidency, and, with that the repeal of both houses of Congress, the cabinets, the Supreme Court, and the rest of government. Yes, even national defense.

This post was inspired by's CEO Patrick Byrne talking about both parties engaging in "tinkering." See below.

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