Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Michael Peck is Dead Wrong on Ron Paul and Secession

This can't even be called a hit-piece for the sole reason that it doesn't hit. Exhibit A:
If secession is a fundamental right that some Texans can petition the White House for secession, then why not honor Atlanta’s petition to secede from the state of Georgia? And if your state can secede at will, then why can’t your county, your town, or even your street declare independence? Where does it stop?
Exhibit B:
Is there a fundamental right to secede? Sure there is, in the same way that robbing your neighbor’s house can be justified as a fundamental right if you are starving.
The author gets it backwards. He likens secession to robbing your neighbor. But what anti-freedom bubble does this guy live in? To the contrary, secession would be that neighbor trying to get away from the robber who has full endorsement of the government. And what's so immoral about that? Why wouldn't secession continue there? Ron Paul's Secession Blackmail of America || Forbes Online

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