Tuesday, June 14, 2016

On concealed weapons and the Orlando shooter

I don't believe for a second that someone with a concealed weapon would have stopped the shooting had he not known of his presence. But I do think that if someone was alerted to the gunman's presence taking him down would have been more likely. It would have been unlikely that there would have been a three hour killing spree.

I do believe that one person with a concealed weapon would have minimized the loss of lives; not that he had some kind of spidey sense to prevent the unthinkable.

But if the timelines are accurate, and a hostage situation actually did occur, I think it would have been possible for a concealed weapon carrier to shoot the guy at some opportune time.

At the core of modern liberalism

Modern liberalism pats itself on the back for having good intentions even if the policies modern liberals pursue obviously don't work.

So whether it's stripping U.S. citizens of their right to work for whatever wage they want (via the minimum wage law), or stripping U.S. citizens of the right to defend themselves (via gun control), what matters most to the liberal mindset is that their "good intentions" were revealed to all.

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