Wednesday, March 25, 2015

VIdeo: Orville the Poet & Freedom AKA Godson @ VERBATIMonday 11/01/10

This is a throwback of my boy Orville the Poet sounding like a prophetic Daylyt.

Bill Nye on the Meaning of Life

Bill Nye was definitely a huge influence for me when I was younger. I'm glad I didn't learn what he believed about life through the television:

I'm insignificant. ... I am just another speck of sand. And the earth really in the cosmic scheme of things is another speck. And the sun an unremarkable star. ... And the galaxy is a speck. I'm a speck on a speck orbiting a speck among other specks among still other specks in the middle of specklessness. I suck. ~Bill Nye

Scot McKnight: Don't ever ask Jesus a question

Don't ever ask Jesus a question, says American theologian Scot McKnight:

…Jesus is confronted by a scribe who comes to him and says ‘of all the commandments which is the greatest of them all.’ Now here is one thing I’ve learned in studying the gospels: don’t ever ask Jesus a question. Because he will not only answer your question, he will deconstruct you in the process. ~Scot McKnight
He originally said that here.

Karness Turner Jr. - Woman of My Dreams

So it turns out my "Head to Toe" poem is nothing like Karness Turner's "Woman of my Dreams."


Monday, March 23, 2015

John MacArthur on Creation

Here's a long, comprehensive essay on creationism by John MacArthur.
Thanks to the theory of evolution, naturalism is now the dominant religion of modern society. Less than a century and a half ago, Charles Darwin popularized the credo for this secular religion with his book The Origin of Species. Although most of Darwin’s theories about the mechanisms of evolution were discarded long ago, the doctrine of evolution itself has managed to achieve the status of a fundamental article of faith in the popular modern mind. Naturalism has now replaced Christianity as the main religion of the Western world, and evolution has become naturalism’s principal dogma.

Video: "Let Freedom Ring" | Daniel King-Robertson | Stars & Stripes

The Most Calvinistic Spoken Word Poem (feat. NIQ)

NIQ spits the most Calvinistic spoken word poem I have ever heard. I wonder if she even knows that she delivered such as thing.

Did you just say that even each time the opposition scores it's a part of a fixed game? ~NIQ

WOOOWWWWW!!! ~The crowd's reaction.

Does the crowd know?

Her poem "Not Even Sin" starts around 3:37 after the male poet.

Video: 5 Minute Sermons - The Value of The Kingdom

I wanted to hear something quick but biblical before I started my work last Friday so I googled "5 minute sermons." This is the first thing that popped up on the Google Search -- and I must say that it is very good!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Poet Spotlight: Raymond Nat Turner

 The Black Agenda Report's Raymond Nat Turner is a dope poet.

See his work here. He frequently updates it.

Darwin or Design with Dr. Tom Woodward

Here's a throwback podcast.
A presentation of the C.S. Lewis Society, Darwin or Design is a radio program hosted by Dr. Tom Woodward that airs at 5 p.m. on 570 WTBN in the Tampa Bay area.

Darwin or Design addresses issues in apologetics and intelligent design bringing in world class experts in these areas on a weekly basis.
Darwin or Design with Dr. Tom Woodward

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Dr. Kevin Collins on our sin nature

We’re not sinners because we sinned.  Rather we sin because we’re sinners. That’s our nature.  
 ~Dr. Kevin Collins, Reformed Theological Seminary

Resource: Daily Devotion

Daily Devotion provides a lot of information for a day. You get a lot to chew on throughout the day.

To go there, click here.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

What would a biblical government look like?

Via Darash Press:

Therefore, in seeking a Christian reconstruction of the institution of civil government, it is imperative that we make our standard the only inspired, infallible model on godly civil government that we have: the Hebrew Republic established by God through Moses. 

Note that we use the term “model.” This is because the Hebrew Republic had elements unique to its own time and place in redemptive history. Hence, it is an error to seek to reduplicate today, in all of its particulars, that Republic (e.g., hereditary kingship, a central tribunal presided over by Levitical priests, cities of refuge, some of the laws of inheritance and warfare, a division of the nation into 11 tribal units, or the exact jurisdictional unit of the city and its gates, etc.). 

The Hebrew Republic does not provide us with a detailed blueprint for all the specifics of civil government or civil law, but it does give us a sufficiently clear model for framing a government and laws that are according to the will of God. We must remember that every detail of the Hebrew Republic was based on the unchanging righteous standard of God’s moral law. Our interest is in discovering, through proper historical-grammatical exegesis, the moral law that informs each particular, and then applying that law to the nations of the New Testament dispensation.

 The Biblical Model For Civil Government, William Einwechter

Douglas Wilson: "nobody blasphemes like an evangelical can"

So Douglas Wilson said in a throwback review of William Young's The Shack.

On waiting to go to grad school

There's a difference between the  costs of education and the costs to educate someone.

While the costs of education -- and by this I mean brick-and-mortar schools -- have been rising for decades, the costs to educate people have been plummeting thanks to the internet and innovation.

Grad school is not useless.

But it is also not worth my money or time right now (it also not necessary for what I want to do, just helpful). The coolest thing about waiting five years is that I eventually found a cheaper school.

Over the years my potential tuition costs went from $60k-$80K (law school) to $44K to $21K to $16K to $11K to $5,000. So not only is my new #1 choice cheaper, I don't have to move to Philadelphia, or Virginia Beach, or Connecticut, or Greenville, SC -- thanks to the Internet. (My goals also changed too.)

Guess which school embraced innovation and change?

If you answered the cheapest school, then go to the head of the class.

Video: Andrew Sullivan, Ross Douhat go at it over Bad Religion

Via The Daily Beast

Monday, March 9, 2015

Video: Dr. Carl Trueman on John Owen (Westminster Video Library)

Westminster Theological Seminary's Dr. Carl Trueman discusses John Owen. I recently read Owen "The Mortification of Sin" and it has been really helpful to me in killing sin. God provides tons of arrows in our quiver to combat sin, the flesh.

You can buy the book here from Banner of Truth.

Here is my favorite excerpt from the Banner of Truth edition:

"Let a man seek as he will for healing and peace, let him go to the true Physician, let him seek in the right way and let him quiet his heart in the promises of the covenant. Yet when peace is spoken, if it is not attended with hatred and abhorrence of the sin which caused the wound and was the reason for all the trouble, then this is not God's peace, but a peace of our own making.

It is but a covering over the wound, while the infection underneath continues to fester, corrupt and corrode, until it breaks out again with greater foulness, vexation and danger. Let not the poor souls that walk in this path ever think that they will have true and solid peace. They are more concerned with the trouble of sin than the pollution and uncleanness that accompanies it. They call to the Lord Jesus Christ for mercy, but they still keep the sweet morsel of sin under their tongue!" John Owen, The Mortification of Sin, pages 105-106

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Benjamin Netanyahu is a liar

"...either Netanyahu doesn’t read the news, he is hoping that nobody else notices Israel’s de facto alliance with ISIS, or he is more concerned with poking Obama in the eye publicly than in the future of his country, a fact that would not surprise me. 

Instead Netanyahu has regaled us with tirade after tirade on the ramifications of an Iranian nuclear bomb and the existential threat it poses little Israel — ironic since Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei, has categorically stated that his country doesn’t want one.

Iran would like to acquire nuclear technological know-how – not an atomic arsenal – the sanest possible acquisition in a ‘neighborhood’ where the only nuclear-armed power, Israel, threatens Iran’s destruction almost daily, and has wreaked havoc on the region routinely for nearly 7 decades. 

Why would he lie? A nuclear-armed Iran would be its country’s suicide note to the world before being “obliterated” (to use former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton’s, word) by the United States. Iran would like to acquire nuclear technological know-how – not an atomic arsenal – the sanest possible acquisition in a ‘neighborhood’ where the only nuclear-armed power, Israel, threatens Iran’s destruction almost daily, and has wreaked havoc on the region routinely for nearly 7 decades. How else might Iran succeed in deterring Israeli militarism, and how else might Iran – a country whose conventional armed forces barely allow a defensive capability – move forward into a future in which it is not bullied and brow-beaten into submission, preferring instead to seek the option of independent energy efficiency, and freedom from a regional hegemon whose godfather already enjoys unrivaled authority over most of that hemisphere."
Reject his call to war.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

How to Prepare for the Coming Economic Crisis or the Next Great Depression

Via David Stockman's Contra Corner:

David Stockman, architect of President Reagan’s economic turnaround known as ‘Morning in America’, warns of the looming collapse of free market prosperity and the destruction of American wealth. Plus: Emergency actions viewers can take now to protect themselves from the crisis.

As I've said previously, the recession is not over. In 2011, I remember posting an article on Facebook from Lew Rockwell talking about America entering another great depression.  It drew the ire of skeptics.

In fact, my motivation for starting The Goins Report in 2009 was precisely because I began to understand free-market economics, and I knew that the president's stimulus plan, and all other forms of violent economic intervention into the markets, was not going to save us...period.

My friends very incorrectly even thought I was a George Bush supporter because I came of age intellectually at the end of 2008 and opposed Obama's policies from the beginning. But if I had come of age a year earlier, or two years earlier, I would have been just as vocal about George W. Bush.

So I went on the intellectual warpath and began to warn friends about the intrinsic shortcomings of government economic policy.

And I proceeded to prepare myself for the downturns and dollar crises that I thought would come.

But now I want to share a link with you to help you, while there is still time.

Since 2010, I have had a page with links to movies that warned that the economic crisis is not over.

Since 2009, I have provided a free-book warning on how to protect yourself from the Federal Reserve's disastrous inflationary policies. In fact, it is my most visited blog post with over 1,000 hits.

Time and again, the true free-markets economists have warned that the current economy "recovery" is no recovery at all. While I can not say when, or where, or what will cause the next economic bubble to pop -- and indeed no good free-market economist tries -- I know that the ball is up in the air, and it is being continuously hit upwards by government and central bank policies. But every volley ball game has to end. The ball must come down eventually.

But it doesn't have to come down on you or your side of the court.

You can be on the winning team.

"The prudent sees danger and hides himself, but the simple go on and suffer for it." Proverbs 22:3 (ESV)

That is the Bible's wisdom for our day.

Don't be simple; be prudent. Watch the video.  Download this free book. Prepare.

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