Wednesday, March 11, 2015

On waiting to go to grad school

There's a difference between the  costs of education and the costs to educate someone.

While the costs of education -- and by this I mean brick-and-mortar schools -- have been rising for decades, the costs to educate people have been plummeting thanks to the internet and innovation.

Grad school is not useless.

But it is also not worth my money or time right now (it also not necessary for what I want to do, just helpful). The coolest thing about waiting five years is that I eventually found a cheaper school.

Over the years my potential tuition costs went from $60k-$80K (law school) to $44K to $21K to $16K to $11K to $5,000. So not only is my new #1 choice cheaper, I don't have to move to Philadelphia, or Virginia Beach, or Connecticut, or Greenville, SC -- thanks to the Internet. (My goals also changed too.)

Guess which school embraced innovation and change?

If you answered the cheapest school, then go to the head of the class.

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