Monday, March 9, 2015

Video: Dr. Carl Trueman on John Owen (Westminster Video Library)

Westminster Theological Seminary's Dr. Carl Trueman discusses John Owen. I recently read Owen "The Mortification of Sin" and it has been really helpful to me in killing sin. God provides tons of arrows in our quiver to combat sin, the flesh.

You can buy the book here from Banner of Truth.

Here is my favorite excerpt from the Banner of Truth edition:

"Let a man seek as he will for healing and peace, let him go to the true Physician, let him seek in the right way and let him quiet his heart in the promises of the covenant. Yet when peace is spoken, if it is not attended with hatred and abhorrence of the sin which caused the wound and was the reason for all the trouble, then this is not God's peace, but a peace of our own making.

It is but a covering over the wound, while the infection underneath continues to fester, corrupt and corrode, until it breaks out again with greater foulness, vexation and danger. Let not the poor souls that walk in this path ever think that they will have true and solid peace. They are more concerned with the trouble of sin than the pollution and uncleanness that accompanies it. They call to the Lord Jesus Christ for mercy, but they still keep the sweet morsel of sin under their tongue!" John Owen, The Mortification of Sin, pages 105-106

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