Monday, February 15, 2010

The State Against Blacks: In Honor of Black History Month

Since it is Black History Month, I thought it would be important for African Americans (and non-African Americans) to know the effects of certain economic policies designed to help Blacks and how they have inadvertently kept blacks out of work and impoverished. So much of Black Media portrays (or at least it did in the past) capitalism as an economic system of evil. However, there is no other economic system where more impoverished people accumulated wealth and prosperity, and this is despite race. Socialism, mercantilism, communism, nor any other ism has led as many people out of poverty and to prosperity.

If that is the case then why is the Black Poverty rate inching upward?

I have already argued in a previous blog that minimum wage laws don't work. I hope to revise and expand that essay more since I recently learned that those laws have even more detrimental effects than the ones I've mentioned. However, if you watch the following playlist the answer to the aforementioned question is there.

Sowell and Williams are some of the brightest men I have ever encountered, at least online. I hope to meet both of them one day, but for right now I have their books to keep me interested and informed. In the meantime, I will be watching this playlist and I hope you will too.

Happy Black History Month!

You can share this playlist by clicking the link below or copying the link below and pasting it wherever you like.

The State Against Blacks: A Youtube Playlist featuring African-American economists Walter Williams and Thomas Sowell

Bonus Link: What the Founding Fathers Said About Slavery?

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