Thursday, February 28, 2013

Christian Philosopher Reppert: If You Attack, Then Defend Those Attacks

If Christians aren't important enough to debate, then they're not important enough to attack.
Victor Reppert || Dangerous Idea

Buchanan: Why y'all all 'wee-weed up over Mahmoud Ahmadinejad?"

Pat Buchanan asks:
How is America, with thousands of strategic and tactical nuclear weapons, scores of warships in the Med, Persian Gulf, Arabian Sea and Indian Ocean, bombers and nuclear subs and land-based missiles able to strike and incinerate Iran within half an hour, threatened by Iran?
I don't know. You tell me Pat.
Iran has no missile that can reach us, no air force or navy that would survive the first days of war, no nuclear weapons, no bomb-grade uranium from which to build one. All of her nuclear facilities are under constant United Nations surveillance and inspection.
Say what?
Yet, according to the Christian Science Monitor, Bibi first warned in 1992 that Iran was on course to get the bomb — in three to five years! And still no bomb.
Yup, I blogged about that article in 2011.

And Bibi has since been prime minister twice. Why has our Lord Protector not manned up and dealt with Iran himself?

Answer: He wants us to do it — and us to take the consequences.
 Bibi's vision: U.S. as aggressor and the fall guy.
Shia Iran has influence in Iraq because we invaded Iraq, dethroned Sunni Saddam, disbanded his Sunni-led army that had defeated Iran in an eight-year war and presided over the rise to power of the Iraqi Shia majority that now tilts to Iran. Today’s Iraq is a direct consequence of our war, our invasion, our occupation.
Buchanan: Infantile Conservatism || Human Events

[Editor's Note: I took liberty with the quote in the headline. Pat's statement which I quoted from isn't in a form of a question.]

Sequester impacts reinforces fact we should end the wars

From the Weekly Standard:
According to the House Armed Services Committee, the 2011 Budget Control Act (the law that imposed both spending caps and sequestration) will force the Marine Corps to shrink by 25 percent--from 202,000 Marines to 145,000. What's more, "by the end of calendar year 2013, less than half of our ground units will be trained to the minimum readiness level required for deployment," Marine Corps commandant James Amos testified to Congress this month.
My focus: "by the end of calendar year 2013, less than half of our ground units will be trained to the minimum readiness level required for deployment." The wars should come to a quick close anyway so that deployment is effectively not a problem. There is no problem here if that simply means troops will have to take longer to be deployed in an environment where there services aren't needed.

I could see the worry about 57,000 Marines losing their jobs, and going on the federal dole in the absence of employment. But they would've been on the dole anyway, albeit for a longer time, if they stayed in the military.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Boehner: Sequester Cuts Would be a "Meat-Axe to Our Government"

Washington -- House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) said the sequester cuts that will indiscriminately cut $109 billion in spending across federal agencies would be a "meat-axe" the the U.S. Federal government and that he's not in favor of it.

"I don't like the sequester. I think its taking a meat-axe to our government. A meat-axe to many programs and will weaken our national defense," Boehner said.

Instead, Boehner says, the sequester "should be replaced with spending cuts and reforms that put us on a path to balance the budget over the next ten years."

When asked if there are no cuts or reforms would he be opposed in a delay in the sequester, Boehner said that he would, meaning that the sequester cuts would take effect.

Speaker Boehner has been trying to pin the sequester on President Obama since at least late last year.

"But the President didn't want to have to deal with the debt limit again before his reelection," Boehner said. 

"It was the president and the Senate democrats who committed to working with us to get an outcome out of the super committee. But if the super committee couldn't get an outcome the sequester were going to go into effect," he continued.

On Tuesday, as reported, Progressive House Democrats introduced their own legislation - the Balance Act- to reduce the deficit.

The house progressive's plan -- unlike Boehner's which says that the sequester should be replaced with "common sense cuts and reforms" that do no harm to U.S. national defense -- reduces the deficit mainly through closing various tax loopholes and cutting defense department spending.

A Congressional Progressive Caucus memo says that the bill will raise revenue for the federal government by nearly a trillion dollars - $960 billion - and cuts $278 in "wasteful Pentagon spending." It also sends money to infrastructure projects and shores up teacher's jobs and renovates schools.

Boehner rests his case on his argument that Americans have already seen President Obama get revenue through the fiscal cliff deal and that they are ready to see spending cuts.

The sequester cuts are set to take place in fiscal year 2013.

(Editor's Note: Was originally filed on February 6, 2013 but went unpublished for no good reason.)

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Dr. Benjamin Carson and Dr. Ron Paul's Great Speeches

Two great speeches that will change your life!

Dr. Benjamin Carson's Speech at the National Prayer Breakfast

Dr. Ron Paul's Farewell Speech to Congress

WCF Chapter One "Of Holy Scripture" Sunday School (Sept.-Oct. 2021)

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