Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Necessity of a Christian Economic Worldview

I just wanted to reflect on something that I noticed as I've been visiting different churches lately. I want to talk about something that happened this last weekend though. At this church, the preacher preached the Gospel of Jesus Christ and his message contrasted Jesus' suffering with the hard times we are experiencing now. I agree with the pastor that no one has suffered a worse beating, crucifixion, humiliation, etc than Jesus. Isaiah 53 predicts the horrors of this suffering that didn't come to pass until the time of Jesus. Yes, he was trying to bring souls in the Kingdom - and Isaiah 53 is a perfect apologetic to do so - and I am glad he did that.

However, I feel as though many pastors (not all) have a woefully deficient Christian Economic Worldview. No one is preaching about how to live in rough economic times. No one seems to know that times are getting harder, or why it is happening, and going to get way worse due to government intervention in the economy (past presidents, current president, and several government agencies and there's more...). No one seems to know what the Bible says about economics. It is as if they think God is the God of your soul's salvation alone, and not the present world. And even if that isn't the case, and they believe God is the God of all, including economics, then they certainly haven't sat down and explained it to us. I think there is truth to both cases.

All I am saying is that even Christians, too, have just as much false sense of security as those lost in the world (as we say in Christian-speak) because of their lack of knowledge of what God has to say about their lives.

I'll end with three points.

Christians should learn about hyperinflation and teach their congregations how to prepare for it.

Christians should seek to God's will in every area of life, including law, economics, government, education, etc - Literally every area of life!

Christians should
still remain strong because God has already granted them victory.

There are a few Christians though (and they aren't pastors) that have picked up the mantle of a total Christian worldview and applied Biblical principles to the current economic situation. The results are amazing. One Christian has been doing this for decades. His name is Dr. Gary North.

Dr. North has written a 10,000 page economic commentary on the Bible. You can download them for free here:

He has also written "An Introduction to Christian Economics" which you can download for $2.95. You can also sign up for $14.95 a month and become a member to get advice, personal advice. I am a member, and I ask questions all the time. And guess what, I have them answered from a Christian Economic Worldview. You can quit your subscription anytime. It is a good deal.

Also, if you want to know about how to prepare for the next stage of the economic downturn, visit . Visit the article links and read the link that says "How to Survive Hyperinflation."

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