Friday, October 26, 2012

My Big Idea for Presidential Debate Reform


Add presidential debates that are like congressional hearings. Of course, one or two town hall style debates should remain. And even the current format where opponents attack each other with one moderator should remain. But this new debate style should be included, and commence immediately, in September, after the national conventions. Twice a week, for three weeks, for at least three hours, on a different topic with an expert group of questioners, until October. There we can continue with the current debate format.

The more presidential candidates in the hearing/debate, the longer the hearing/debate should be. There should be:

A debate on: Taxes, Economy, and the Federal Reserve

A debate on: Civil Liberties and Prisons

A debate on: Foreign Policy

A debate on: Healthcare and Welfare

A debate on: Internet Regulation and Education Reform

A debate on: Immigration

At least those topic suggestions are a start.

Even in primary season, when the last two candidates not to have dropped out are left, put them through a debate - congressional-hearing style. So I guess I'm playing loose with the term "debate" here. I guess I want - and think the American people deserve - a hearing on all the positions of the people who want to "serve" us.

They can debate about those positions later.

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P.S. Yes, I think the "World's Toughest Job Interview" should last three hours. I predict that the shorter debates in October would be more popular. This debate can be relegated to C-SPAN, and other networks that want to cover it.

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