Monday, March 10, 2014

Video: Andy Mineo Freestyle on MTV RapFix 2013 Cypher Blowout

First off, my favorite verse from the song "Power Trip" from Lecrae's Gravity album was Andy Mineo's. But here's the kicker: I did not know that was Andy Mineo. And the thing is, I really, really, really, really, really, really like that verse. So much so that I would fast forward to that verse and play it. Or listen to that song waiting for the fourth verse (Mineo's).

I bought Gravity the last week of June 2013. I didn't realize that was Mineo until February 2014 (I was so new to Christian rap that I couldn't figure who was who on the track save Lecrae).

At one point, I confused Swoope for Andy Mineo once I bought the W.L.A.K's self-titled album a month ago because of the similarities of each's boisterous verses on "Reign Coming" (W.L.A.K.) and "Power Trip" (Gravity).

I didn't confuse him, however, on Church Clothes 2's "The Fever," and that was really the point I started to pay attention to Andy Mineo.

Then I watched the above video. And then I watched this video. It was a wrap. I was a fan.

Based off of the above video, this video, and his recent guest verses, I think Andy Mineo is the best Christian lyricist out; then Swoope, then Lecrae.

Christian rap is now Christian art.

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