Monday, May 18, 2015

Bill Bonner's Forest Fire Analogy

Bill Bonner's forest fire analogy hit home. Today I wrote a poem about forest fires. But no less than an hour from finishing it I go to my Bill Bonner folder and check out an old column from February 19, 2015. I did not plan to read this, but the content of the column contained similar content to my poem. If I wasn't a believer already, then I'd probably shout "There is a God!" 

I'll share the poem later.

Here Bill Bonner's analogy:

"Telling other people what to do – even though you don’t know what you’re talking about – is the cornerstone of US foreign policy. Worldwide, the economics profession – forgetting two centuries of thoughtful analysis on the subject – has taken it up too. 

Economists have become control freaks, desperate to stop any freely occurring event in the markets, especially if it is a correction. 

But what is a correction if not a forest fire – burning up the mistakes, getting rid of the undergrowth, and cleaning up the economy? 

And what is a bear market if not a fever – raising temperatures so as to kill the parasites that feed on the economy’s vital organs? 

Without little corrections and small fevers, won’t the next crisis be even bigger?

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