Thursday, July 8, 2010

My Youtube Subscriptions

Although I am at liberty to post as many videos from my subscriptions as I want to on my facebook account and this blog, most of the time it is not in my best interest to do so -- because I may annoy everyone to death and then get deleted as a friend! I prefer staying in touch. But because I want everyone to become familiar with my line of thought I thought I'd let everyone know some of the Youtube Channels that I'm subscribed to. I'm subscribed to 162, however a lot of those channels aren't active and less than half of all those channels are posted below.

Here is the list:

Top 10 Most Viewed by Me
1. SchiffReport - Peter Schiff's Official Vlog
2.Dr William Lane Craig Videos
3.Congressman Ron Paul
4.The Cato Institute
7.Father Frank Pavone
8.The Gary Demar Show
9.Reflect7 aka Randall Niles
10.Inflation US

Most Influential Philosophically

Campaign For Liberty

Christian Philosophy, Religion, Ethics, Theology
Acton Institute
Center for Theological Inquiry
JCR4RUNNER - Historical Christianity, Preterism, American History
Reflect7 aka Randall Niles
Father Frank Pavone
The Gary Demar Show
Fixed Point Foundation

Political Think-Tanks, Philosophy
Campaign For Liberty
Independent Institute
Marijuana Policy Project
Dambisa Moyo - Zambia-born Economist
Eagle Forum
Free Market Cure - Health Care
Center for Constitutional Rights
LiveActionFilms - Pro-Life Documentaries & Undercover Investigations
Hoover Institute

Financial News
GoldMoney News
SchiffReport - Peter Schiff's Official Vlog
The Real News

Passion for Christ Ministries
Passion for Christ Ministries - Ex-Homosexuals
Public Christianity
Greg Bahnsen - Late Christian Apologist

Foundation for Critical Thinking
Discovery Institute

Oh yea...and these guys...

The White House

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