Friday, October 22, 2010

Black Conservatives Blast Liberal Policies

I ran into this video accidentally. I didn't type "black conservatives" in the search engine, or even "Al Sharpton" as the title of the video may suggest. I found it here.


This young lady took a stand for what she believed in: rights for the unborn (which is not, she argues, absurd). She also believes that Democrats are responsible for the destruction of the black community for many years. It was just yesterday when I was thinking about the topic of African-Americans and their virtual allegiance to the Democratic Party--and especially Barack Obama.

Yes, assuming what the woman said is true, how is it that the conditions of black folk aren't any better off than before, even after all these years of being run by Democrats?

How come before the New Deal in the 1930's and the arrival of the Welfare State black folk were better off financially?

By the way...

...if you think that libertarianism necessitates a commitment to the pro-choice position (the Ayn Rand types) think again. There are those who believe that protection of the unborn is philosophically consistent with libertarianism. And no, they aren't all Christians either.

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