Wednesday, October 27, 2010

George Reisman: A Free-Market Program for Recovery

In November of 2009, George Reisman gave this speech that articulated how we can get out of this current mess. I have watched this speech three times since then; the main reason is because, well, I fell asleep each time. Mr. Reisman sounds a lot like Jimminy Cricket, or at least some soothing narrator you would hear in an old Disney film. And although this speech is only 41 minutes, about four minutes shorter than a university lecture, the speaker is boring enough to put you to sleep.

Nevertheless, it is an important speech. And just like how we may have that one professor who puts us to sleep, it is during those times when we are falling asleep in class that the professor may be saying some of the most important things.

Listen to the professor.

And on a blog named after him, you can read this entire speech. I'd recommend, to stay awake, following the above video and reading the speech at the same time.

Try it out! You might learn something.

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