Friday, July 20, 2012

Weekly Health Review, Vol. 9

Spending on penis pumps have gone up five-fold since 2000 as Medicare paid for $188 million in penis pumps over 10 years, the Tea Party Economist reports.

Fox News reports that the survivors of the "Batman" shooting are likely to develop post traumatic stress disorder.

No surprise: The 2010 health care law will cause more job losses, the Tea Party Economists reports.

President Obama departed from the usual rhetoric of calling the health care law's individual mandate a tax or penalty and called it a "principle," the Washington Free Beacon reports.

A pregnant woman's never-removed surgical pin from a past operation comes close to her unborn child, Fox News reports.

The race for a cure for AIDS has begun again, the Associated Press reports.

An Obama spokesman falsely claims that most Americans aren't against the repeal of the President's signature healthcare reform legislation, the Washington Free Beacon reports.

The Associated Press reports on how to protect children from whooping cough.

An FDA whistleblower has sued former employees in the past, the Wall Street Journal reports.

USA Today reports that hospitals ignoring regulations are making it harder for health care providers to identiy problems and solve them.

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