Tuesday, September 25, 2012

My Top Picks for The X-Factor 2012

So I'm taking a quick break from politics to make predictions about my favorite show on television: The X-Factor (USA).

#1 - Carly Rose Sonenclar
The Star. If she continues to perform like she did on her audition night, she will have the $5 million prize in the bag. She is easily the top choice. She's confident. She's a star in the making. And she's thirteen. I hope we hear a lot from her in the future beyond the show.

#2 - Jessica Espinoza
Mini-Pink. The reason I bumped her up from third was because if she can tap into that raw, real singing power, she can get farther than Jillian Jensen, who also has raw, real singing voice. Her back story is more endearing than Jillian's, and she brings that back story to the fore in her music. Additionally, I think her voice might be stronger than Jillian's, but she just  has to sing the right songs to tap into it.

#3 - Jillian Jensen
Raw Emotion. The night I saw Jillian Jensen she immediately became my favorite. Her ability to harness her pain and sing it out is her greatest strength. She also has a phenomenal, sexy, and raspy voice. But how long will she be able to keep up those highly-emotional performances? That question is why I bumped her down from number one. Additionally, after listening to Carly Rose Sonenclar the next night, and re-listening to Carly and comparing the two girls, Carly does seem to have the more powerful voice. But the older Jillian seems to have the more mature voice. It will be tough.

Honorable Mention: Diamond White
I wanted to make Diamond White my number four pick, but I am not so sure. She is a wild-card, so she is worth an honorable mention. Like Carly Rose Sonenclar, she is also 13. But the most powerful voice and better performer award goes to Carly.

Bottom Line: The 2012 X-Factor competition, I think, has the most formidable competition ever and the best singers among any reality contestant show. (I'll probably update this post within a few days.)

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