Monday, March 18, 2013

Print Media is 'More Undermanned and Unprepared to Cover Stories'

The report identifies six major trends in 2013, as follows:

1. Americans are noticing the effects of a decade of newsroom cutbacks:  More men than women -- and more well-educated and higher-income Americans -- have stopped turning to a news outlet because it no longer provides them with the information they had come to expect. With reporting resources cut to the bone and fewer specialized beats, journalists’ level of expertise in any one area and the ability to go deep into a story are compromised.

6. Hearing about news stories from friends and family, whether via social media or actual word of mouth, leads to deeper news consumption. A majority of Americans seek out a full news story after hearing about an event or issue from friends and family, a new Pew Research survey finds. For nearly three-quarters of adults (72%), the most common way to get news from friends and family is by having someone talk to them, either in person or over the phone. And among that group, close to two-thirds (63%) somewhat or very often seek out a news story about that event or issue. Social networking is now a part of this process as well: 15% of U.S. adults get most of their news from friends and family this way, and the vast majority of them (77%) follow links to full news stories.
 News Industry 'More Undermanned and Unprepared to Cover Stories' | CNS News

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