Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Emilia Clarke on her time in "Game of Thrones"

Screenshot of UK Yahoo Article
If there is any evidence that pop culture dehumanizes people this is it:

She worked multiple jobs while living with friends before "Game of Thrones" changed her life when it began airing in 2011.
Clarke recalled some difficulties on the show early on. She was just 23. There was full frontal nudity, lots of sex, even a rape scene. She tells Markovits how she suffered along with her character.
"Once, I had to take a little time out," she said. "I said I needed a cup of tea, had a bit of a cry, and was ready for the next scene."
Granted, I didn't read the Esquire article, and the quoted article is a summary of it.

It reminds me of watching testimony of former porn stars time in the industry. I don't remember which one. It was years back.  Perhaps it was Shelley Lubben; or maybe it was the African-american one who  was interviewed by a Pastor then-affiliated with P4CM on Youtube years ago.

Matt Walsh challenges the editorial decisions to put rape scenes and pornography in the show.
Even without the rape, there are still important questions we should ask ourselves about this show and so many others like it, such as: should sex be turned into a circus for our viewing pleasure? Is there anything redemptive about pornography just because it’s featured on a premium cable series rather than someone’s webcam? If I watch five seasons worth of it, will I come away somehow more enlightened? Is this honing my moral compass? Is this drawing me closer to Truth? Am I proud of myself for watching this?
Answers: No. And today, surprisingly, even some progressives appear to agree.

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