Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Confirmed: Ted Cruz surrounds himself with neocons

Back in February, I shared my concerns with readers about GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz.

Recently, my suspicions were confirmed: Ted Cruz really surrounds himself with neoconservative foreign policy advisers. ThinkProgress has the story.

The New American, an old paleo-conservative publication, ran a story in late 2015 called Ted Cruz's Closest Counselors Are Neocons.

Believing at first that the journalism was shaky, I wrote just two months ago:

It goes on to mention Chad Sweet, Victoria Coates, James Woolsey, and Elliot Abrams (although I think that Abrams is no longer on the campaign, if he ever was; in fact, RedState called him a Rubio mentor), all of which have neocon bona fides. Daily Caller has a story saying Cruz consulted Abrams, but this doesn't mean he was on the campaign.
Abrams doesn't appear to be an adviser in any official capacity, or ever have been. But there is reporting that says Cruz has consulted him. Part of me believes he's a Rand Paul 2.0 just trying to ride the waves of whatever will gain him support.
This is journalism that stretches the facts.

But according to the ThinkProgress story, Elliot Abrams is absolutely is on Ted Cruz's foreign policy team -- and he has two more alarming people on the team.

The Nation has an excellent story about Ted Cruz's dangerous foreign policy views in more detail. Peep the headline and subheadline:

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