Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Collegian Writings

So, I am also a writer for The Collegian, La Salle University's student-run newspaper. Please check out my published articles online (you may have to type 'Goins' into the search bar). So far, they've only posted 6 articles, but I've written more than that. I plan to expound on some of the ideas presented in the articles later in this blog.

1. La Salle's Lessons and Laissez-Faire
2. Shroud of Turin Mystifies but provides no certainty
3. Hyperinflation an Under-Reported Story
4. Walter Williams a notable city native
5. Miller Shows Faults on both sides
6. Aching for the truth on health reform

I also encourage you to read the other columnists in the Commentary section and beyond.

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