Friday, September 17, 2010

Eric Rauch on the Definition of "Liberalism"

In a recent critique of Bill Maher, Eric Rauch defines what he thinks liberalism really is:
All forms of liberalism—whether educational, political, or theological—are nothing more than reactions against “traditional” beliefs and ways of doing things. Like atheism, liberalism is a negative belief system in that it can only ever communicate what it is against, instead of what it is for.

Do you agree?

He also offers praise for Maher and Limbaugh for doing a valuable community service:
When interpreters—like Maher and Limbaugh—break down the “newspeak” of the political talking machine into the vernacular and street language of the average American voter, they are performing a needed community service.

I agree, and get the point, although I have never listened to one broadcast of Limbaugh. I have, however, heard many sound bites on TV.

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