Friday, September 3, 2010

Joel McDurmon on the Discovery Channel Bomber

On the day of the Discovery Channel building's perimeter infiltration by the homeless environmentalist nut James Lee, I posted an inquiry on my facebook status asking what are the man's grievances. Soon after that posting a friend commented and left a link to James Lee's blog for all curious eyes to see.

As I read through the entire thing I cackled, as best as I could through type, this response:
I just read his blog...and he mentioned DARWIN LOL!!! Christian Conservatives are going to have a BALL with that one! He called religion filth. He is, essentially, utilitarian - and extreme one who believe that humans overpopulate the world and need to take measures to cut back on human excess....nice!

A few days later I was proved right. A Christian conservative, Joel McDurmon, M.Div, Reformed Theological Seminary, produced this classic essay. In it he argued, and basically proved, that there was little media uproar about his causes because, well, they are the leftist media's causes anyway. He also took on my home state's--Maryland--gun laws, which are, in both his view and mine, pretty stupid. Above all, he exposes the inconsistency in the moral philosophies of those with non-Christian world views. There is so much in this essay (Margaret Sanger's Racism and Darwinian Motivations, Douglas Wilson on Hitchens, the intellectual embarrassment of the Eugenics movement when Hitler adopted its principles, the gunman's promotion of Malthus via Ishmael) that it can't be discussed here. However, that's what the essay is for. (Reason's Hit & Run blog also linked a review of Ishmael via this post)

I'll quote two prescient passages:
You see a woman thrown to the ground in the street by a man or two men and kicked hard in the stomach—kicked in the uterus. What is your instant reaction? Is it one of revulsion? Or not? Who is going to say they are indifferent? You are welcome to do so if you like. Do you need divine permission for this? I would say not. I would add another question. The woman is visibly pregnant. Does that make it seem more revolting to you? Is your revulsion thereby increased? Who would not say yes to that?

Hitchens almost whispers that last sentence with nearly sanctimonious concern. Wilson interjects into the rhetorical emotion. Who would dare not be revolted by an assault on a fetus?

“Planned Parenthood.”

Hitchens accuses him of being “flippant”—in this case, using an extreme example of crime as a parallel to the “accepted” medical practice of abortion. But Doug presses the point[...]

And the second passage:
Lee himself was the product of the very programming he wished to implement—Malthusianism and Darwinism force-fed throughout American education. But worse yet, his desired Discovery programming is already aired in public schools, universities, public radio and television, and in many, many other places, including United Nations propaganda, Bill Gates, etc.

If you want a free copy of the book mentioned in Joel McDurmon's footnote, Killer Angel, then click here:

Killer Angel

If you want a free copy of a debate between Hitchens and Wilson, then go here:

Hitchens vs. Wilson (Is Christianity Good for the World)

And how did a homeless man get all that heavy artillery anyway? The things that make you wonder.

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