Monday, November 15, 2010

Thomas Sowell on Congressional 'Gridlock'

The party not in power always complains that they "won't be able to get anything done" because of so-called 'grid-lock'. This has been the fear of Democrats pre-November elections and after; they fear that the "Party of No" will block everything the President and the Democratic party want to do. (Who says these are good ideas anyway?)

But, as Thomas Sowell notes, gridlock is what prevents the worst possible bills from coming into existence. Well, except for Obamacare. You know, the bill that regulates things that has absolutely nothing to do with health care at all (I'm thinking of the regulation on gold. Why Gold? Why in a health care bill?)

Other conservative commentators have noted that our "founders" did not want an "efficient" government. They wanted a government with a little gridlock so that government could not rapidly expand. Nevertheless, pundits complain.

Thomas Sowell gives a history lesson on Congressional 'Gridlock'. Read on.

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