Tuesday, February 22, 2011

If I Were President

Things I would have done on January 20, 2009

1) Ended the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan
2) Closed All overseas military bases
3) Proposed a bill to end the federal minimum wage (Encouraged the states to do the same)
4) Leave setting minimum wages to the states
5) Ended all agriculture subsidies
6) Ended all corporate subsidies
7) Proposed a bill to allow currencies to compete for use in the marketplace
8) Student Loan Reform (Bankruptcy Law Reform, Allow debt consolidation, Allow bankruptcy)
9) End the relationship between the U.S. Treasury—U.S. Dept of Education—Sallie Mae
10) Make the Federal Reserve legally required to stabilize the inflation rate and penalize it for not reaching expectations (including firing the Fed Chairman and Board of Governors with no exit pay)
11) Force the federal reserve to raise interest rates on T-bills to at least 10 percent, but closer to the market rate is best.
12) End all foreign aid
13) End the Department of Education
14) End the Small Business Administration
15) End all housing subsidies
16) End the Department of Agriculture
17) Emergency Bill to end the Patriot Act
18) End Guantanamo Bay
19) Legalize drugs, especially marijuana.
20) Cut government spending by ending these departments (some redundant)
21) End all forms of federal subsidies (no corporate welfare, no social welfare)
22) Limit unemployment insurance
23) End Sarbanes-Oxley
24) Legalize Free-Banking (to compete with fractional reserve banks)
25) Deregulate the farming industries (allow fresh food)
26) Open U.S. Offshore drilling to oil companies
27) Returned remaining TARP funds
28) No stimulus package
29) Taken the advice of the Downsizing Government website.
30) Raise the age for social security and medicaid
31) Comprehensive social security and medicare reform (including privatizing both programs; introduce retirement accounts to existing and new recipients)
32) End higher education subsidies
33) End federal funding for abortion and planned parenthood
34) Propose tax credit program for students wanting to opt out of public school to attend private or charter schools
35) End K-12 Education Subsidies (More money to schools does not equal better education)
36) Encouraged laid off teachers to begin their own private schools. (eligible to receive tax credits from tax credit program in #34)

This is just a start. For more, refer to my previous posts (click the links): Here.

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