Monday, April 25, 2011

Free Download: Food Shock

Preparing for the worst is exactly what this 33-page book is about. The book is not shy to say so. On page four we read the following:
At some point in the very near future, home gardening may no longer be just a hobby; for millions of Americans, it could become a necessity.

Darfur for the Simple, China for the Prepared
“Hunger today is not people starving in the streets, but it’s people choosing between food and rent. It’s parents going without food to feed their children. If safety net programs are further eviscerated, we are going to see Depression style hunger, Darfur style hunger, Calcutta style hunger happening here in New York.”
Estrangement from the land
“Never before in history have so many people been divorced from the production of their own food. Our estrangement from the land could prove to be our undoing … unless we take action now and reclaim that relationship.”
Plugging our ears when we hear "personal responsibility"
“Most people don’t want to hear about taking greater personal responsibility, or becoming more self-reliant. It’s no secret that many Americans, in general, have a sense of entitlement. A huge segment of the population expects that somehow, the government will come to the rescue.”
Hundreds, Thousands Earned on Food
A home garden can save at least $600 in food costs. Many gardeners save much more.

Housing Taking Away Farm Land

We lose, on average, one acre of U.S. farmland every minute. Most of this loss is due to the conversion of farms to industrial and residential uses. Between 2002 and 2007, 4,080,300 acres of farmland were converted for development. This is roughly the area of Massachusetts. This is just part of a long-term trend.
Prepare for the Worst; Download this Book
“In our just-in-time economy, we aren’t used to planning ahead. We think food will always be available, 24/7, whenever we need it. In most parts of the world, that’s simply not the case. Someday soon, that could be the case here in America as well.
Gardening isn’t hard, but it takes time … and timing.”
The book is available for download here and here.

If you don't want to go the Food Shock route (like me), or can't, then you can go the Alpha Strategy way. For those who just want to stock up, and learn how to do so effectively, download the Alpha Strategy here.

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