Wednesday, April 27, 2011

TSA: Theatrical Security Agents, Touching Stuff Aggressively

Trampling Several Amendments,Teaching Submission to Americans, Touching Sensitive Areas, Too Stupid for Arby's, Testicle Searchers of America, Touch Stroke Assault, Targeted Sexual Assault -- these are but a few of various ways you can say TSA, and all thanks goes to Reason TV for creating the wonderfully irreverent video I got this from.

In all seriousness, the TSA keeps on violating people's sense of dignity. Earlier this month they patted down a six-year old girl (and we all know six-year olds have been packing lately), and now the former Miss USA. Despite the age difference, both parties feel violated (and the little girl was confused. Her parents taught her to not let strangers touch her sensitive areas, and some stranger in a government uniform). The age gap also shows that you can be any age and realize that there is something that is fundamentally wrong about getting touched by strangers against your will.

The jackals don't seems to realize that people do not feel safer. They feel like they are being molested. And if that is what it takes to become safer give me no part of it. I'll take my chances.

Just watch the videos and share the pain and anger.

Susie's Experience with the TSA Pat Down from on Vimeo.

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