Monday, April 4, 2011

Scheuer: Obama an Arrogant, Racist Interventionist

I'm just the messenger.
Obama and other recent U.S. presidents are out to teach foreigners to elect good men, as well as to help elevate our uncivilized little brown brothers to the heights of our near-perfect secular (semi-pagan) democracy. Whether those little brown brothers want to give up their faith, tribalism, patriarchal societies, family structures, societal mores, or ethnic distinctiveness is irrelevant. Mr. Obama and his predecessors know what is best for all of them, and U.S. policy will be to impose it on them at all costs, even if we have to intervene and kill many of our little brothers — and perhaps uselessly waste the lives of many of our soldiers and Marines — to bring about this sublime culmination.
Michael Scheuer, It is sad, but President Obama is an Arrogant, Racist Interventionist

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