Monday, August 29, 2011

Bojidar Marinov on the Standard for Liberty

The Ten Commandments, and the laws following from them in the Pentateuch, and the applications of those laws as revealed in the whole Bible are the only transcendent standard for liberty. Men are fallen and sinful; their mutual agreements can not be trusted, and they must always agree with the Law of God to be considered valid and just. When their mutual agreements are based on a legal system which is openly hostile to the Biblical Law, then validating those agreements by the courts is a war against liberty.

Granted, our own legal system in the US is far from the original Christian commitment this nation had to the Word of God; but they are still influenced by it to a large extent.

But the solution to the imperfections and injustices in the legal system can not be allowing a tyrannical and cruel system of law like Sharia make its inroads, even if it is for ostensibly “innocent” issues like property disputes. One tyranny can not be nullified by another tyranny. Sharia must be banned from our courts and our land; and a true libertarian will argue and fight for a return to the legal standards of the Word of God.
Bojidar Marinov, Sharia in the West, and the Moral Irrelevance of Secular Libertarianism


  1. I would not look to Bojidar Marinov as a standard for anything.

    1. Thanks Ace Man! I skimmed through one of the documents and it had some helpful quotes from the Westminster Confession. Perhaps his conduct is why he is no longer on the American Vision website?


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