Tuesday, September 27, 2011

College Students Reject Jesse Jackson's Ideas

Finally, someone spoke up against the reverend:
During the moments preceding Jackson’s speech and continuing into his introduction, students representing the OU organizations Students for Liberty and Young Americans for Liberty passed out fliers urging those in attendance to “help the poor; reject Jackson’s ideas.”

“We heard Jackson was coming to speak, and we thought, ‘Well, he’s kind of wrong about everything,’” said Nathan Kelly, a junior studying English education and a member of Students for Liberty.
And these kids are smart! They don't just offer something for nothing:
ederal assistance for poverty creates dependence on the government rather than effectively eliminating poverty, he said.

Instead, local initiatives that create ways for the poor to help themselves should be emphasized, Hennen said. These include abolishing minimum wage laws and removing barriers on trading.

“Instead of throwing money at the problem, Rev. Jackson could advocate a platform of individual empowerment and sound economic logic to mitigate the destructive forces of poverty,” the flier states. “We applaud Rev. Jackson’s crusade against poverty, but his remedies amount to a weak placebo.”
Students urge crowd at poverty rally to ‘reject Jackson’s ideas’ | The Post @ Ohio University

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