Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Self-Education: Graduate-Level Economics Education

For the most part, it's dirt cheap.

Graduate-Level Economics Education
Mises: Human Action
Rothbard: Man, Economy, & State
Rothbard: History of Money & Banking in the U.S.
Rothbard: History of Economic Thought
Rothbard: Mystery of Banking
Hazlitt: Failure of the "New Economics"
Hayek: Constitution of Liberty
Kirzner: Market Theory & the Price System
Kirzner: Capitalism & Entrepreneurship
Kirzner: Perception, Opportunity, & Profit
Kirzner: The Meaning of Market Process
Bauer: Dissent on Development
McCloskey: The Bourgeois Era (first 2 volumes)
Ropke: Economics of the Free Society
Many books can be found at the Mises Store.

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