Monday, November 14, 2011

Dr. Brown asks about Gingrich; I answer "Paul"

Ask Dr. Brown asks (via Facebook):
Would you vote for Newt Gingrich as president? On the one hand, he has tremendous wisdom, is a real statesman, and argues for the importance of God and faith in the nation. On the other hand, he's had two affairs and is on his third marriage. Your thoughts?
Some random person:
Newt Gingrich is the only chance for defeating Obama in either debate or personal charisma.
My response:
No Gingrich is not the "only chance for defeating Obama in...debate." Congressman Ron Paul has Obama beat in a debate on economics alone and will call him out for his lawlessness and defiance of the constitution from health care to foreign policy. He also has him beat for consistency and honesty.

Dr. Brown I ask that you invite Dr. Thomas Woods onto your show to discuss the Christian Case for Ron Paul. ( to contact him)

A Christian Case for Ron Paul:

Letter to the Catholic Community on Behalf of Ron Paul:

Letter to the Protestant Community on Behalf of Ron Paul:

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