Sunday, December 18, 2011

A preview of the Paul-Obama debate

Ron Paul had Barack Obama's number in 2008 -- and he still does.

Quote from the 2008 clip above:
"Change" means nothing. It's just a word. And it's a cliche. And just to repeat it has no meaning. You have to say "what are you going to change?"

And I would argue: "You offer no change." You have the same foreign policy. You want more troops in Afghanistan. You're not talking about only going to war with a declaration. You don't want to deal with the monetary financial crisis in this country. You want to keep, you know, the system together for the benefit of banks and the big corporations and the politicians--you know, that argument.

And what kind of change do you have on social policy? Do you care about sick people using marijuana? I mean have you come out for that?

And I would just hit him hard on that he doesn't want change. He wants the status quo.

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