Saturday, March 3, 2012

Reporter rejects GOP nominees because of world we don't actually live in--A world where GOP worships Rothbard

Last time I checked, most Republicans couldn't name an Austrian economist. So I have a hard time believing the GOP candidates are worshipping at the Temple of Rothbard, Mises, and Hayek.

From the National Catholic Reporter:
So, no, I can’t see myself voting for a Republican candidate anytime soon. Their party seems completely unalert to the vision of Catholic social teaching and such core concepts as the common good and solidarity. Their stances on particular issues like Iran are frightening. Their reading of history is tendentious. Their worship at the temple of the Austrian economists too thorough-going. Obama may no longer be my candidate, but the GOP is not my party either.
No, I'm Not Becoming a Republican || National Catholic Reporter

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