Friday, March 23, 2012

Ron Paul on GOP House Budget Plan: It “doesn’t go far enough”

( – GOP Presidential candidate Ron Paul said Tuesday in response to the release of the House Republican’s budget plan, spearheaded by Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.), that it doesn’t go far enough to fix America’s fiscal woes.

“Today, the House Republican leadership released a budget meant to be an alternative to President Obama's budget plan, which was filled with more debt, more deficits, and more taxing and spending,” Paul said in a statement Tuesday.

“Unfortunately, the House Republican proposal doesn't go far enough to address the extreme fiscal problems we face as a nation.”

Paul criticized the House GOP plan for not balancing the budget until 2040, adding billions to the U.S. deficit, and he claimed that it does not actually cut spending.

“In fact, this budget doesn't actually 'cut' any spending,” Paul said. “It only reduces assumed increases in spending - essentially playing the same game the Washington establishment has played for years with our hard-earned money.”

Paul contrasted the new Ryan Plan with his own presidential platform that proposes a $1 trillion cut in spending in year one of a Paul presidency and claims to balance the budget by fiscal year 2015.

“This is what a serious budget proposal looks like,” Paul said.

The “Path to Prosperity,” the House GOP budget plan, would cut $5 trillion relative to President Obama’s fiscal 2013 budget, and bring deficits below 3 percent of GDP by 2015.

In contrast to the $1.047 trillion spending cap achieved through the Budget Control Act debt deal last August, the House GOP budget plan proposed $1.028 trillion in discretionary spending.

Building on the progress of the Budget Control Act of 2010, the plan caps spending and scales back funding for certain budget agencies, and proposes to reduce the federal workforce by 10 through attrition and enacts a pay freeze until 2015.

It also repeals the President’s health care law, and among other things, allows consumers to purchase health insurance across state lines, enacts medical liability reform, and expands access to consumer-directed health care options.

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