Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Weekly Health Review, Vol. 7

Editor's Note: The Goins Report did not publish a Weekly Health Review last week and resumes publication this week.

Health Care Miscellany

Senator Mike Lee (R-Utah) published a series of videos discussing the health care law and the Supreme Court's decision.

Ohio, New York, and Caifornia lawmakers are pushing for a ban on smoking in public on college campuses, the Associated Press reports.

The mother of all Big Macs is being sold at the 2012 Olympic Games, the Associated Press reports.

The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force issued guidelines on obesity, the Associated Press reports.

Free aids tests at Drug stores planned by CDC, the Associated Press reports.

The President left out vital information about the highest risk group when touting National HIV Testing day, reports.

A young Italian mother postpones cancer treatment to save the life of her child, reports.

The Health Care Law is Upheld

The Hill newspaper notes that the ruling allowed Justice Roberts to avoid repercussions that both sides -- liberals and conservatives -- feared, namely, striking down the law and expanding Congress's powers. It also noted that the five SCOTUS Justices were the first in the country to side with the Obama administrations tax argument.

Politico notes that Thursday's decision settles the constitutional question of whether the government can force people to buy health insurance or not.

Bloomberg notes that companies, medical device makers, and wealthy investors face $813 billion dollars in taxes over 10 years, with the largest fees taken next year in 2013. It also notes that if the Bush tax cuts expire at the end of 2012, wealthy taxpayers' now-15 percent top rate on long-term capital gains and dividends would reach 20 percent and 39.6 percent, respectively.

A council of churches hails the Supreme Courts decision to uphold the 2010 Healthcare law as Constitutional, the blog Juicy Ecumenism reports.

The Supreme Court's decision to uphold the law makes President Obama a "monumental liar," reports.

Health reform means new taxes, new fees, and new penalties, CNN Money reports.

After SCOTUS upholding of PPACA, a conservative lawyer says that Obama's vision of "fundamentally" transforming America was fulfilled, reports.

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