Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Life is a series of choices

Life is full of choices -- decisions.

Everyday, every moment we choose to do one thing over another. We show our preferences by our actions, not by our lips. We choose to pursue our passions rather than stay idle. We choose to be on social media rather than not be on it by our actions. We choose to keep relationships going by choosing that person over and over again, as the author above says. We choose to pay for things that we want rather than go without, and this shows our preference for those things. We choose to spend time doing this, rather than doing that, and these actions show where our heart is.

This doesn't make professions ("I love you," "I want to start my own business," "I want be more productive") unnecessary, for who in a romantic relationship wouldn't want to hear that? Who in a business partnership wouldn't want to know that their partner is serious? But these professions are necessarily followed by action.

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