Thursday, August 6, 2015

Congratulate Obama, and never forget the 47 Republicans Who Tried to Sabotage The Iran Deal

[Editor's Note: This was supposed to have been published on April 2, 2015. I never published it] President Obama should first of all be congratulated on this historic deal with Iran. If Paul Craig Roberts believes this has thwarted the efforts of the Neocons, then I am happy.  As Roberts put in a recent post titled "Massive Defeat For US Neocon Nazis and Israel’s Crazed Netanyahu":
The neocon scum and crazed Israeli government have worked for years, together with the idiot Republican Party to create a false reality about Iran and nonexistent nuclear weapons program in the hope of starting a war with Iran.
Now these war hopes are defeated by the nuclear energy agreement worked out with Iran by Obama and Putin.
What will the crazed Netanyahu, the neocon scum, and the crazed John McCain do now? Will they create a false flag event? Will they somehow start a war anyhow?
The world will not be safe until the warmongers are removed from the American and Israeli governments.
With that said, the 47 Senate Republicans, including Senator Rand Paul -- no, especially Senator Rand Paul! -- should be thoroughly condemned for signing that blasphemous letter to the Iranians saying that the next president -- and by this they mean Republican president because it is inevitable that you mindless American lemmings will swing back to the Republicans in the next election -- can scrap whatever peace deal President Obama makes with the Iranians.

As the New Yorker put it:

The G.O.P. did everything that it could to scuttle this deal. Forty-seven Republican senators sent a letter to Iran’s Supreme Leader that will go down in the annals of diplomatic sabotage, and made it harder for American negotiators to demand a deal that the White House itself would find acceptable. They did so even though their ostensible goal—keeping Iran from becoming a nuclear power—was the same as the President’s. 
Of course, all of that bible-thumping from Republicans goes out the window when it comes to issues of foreign policy. Blessed are the peacemakers and the Golden Rule go out the door when Iranians don't bow down to the number one purveyors of violence in the world.

And I am not a "liberal" nor a "pacifist" at all. Nor am I naive when it comes to foreign affairs. I am more realistic than so called "foreign policy realists." 

It makes me think this is the same Republican party that booed Ron Paul for citing the golden rule in the 2011 Presidential debates in the most religious state in the country -- South Carolina! That was an exaggeration, but only slightly. 

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