Sunday, August 9, 2015

K. Scott Oliphint on Sin

Westminster Theological Seminary gives prospective students this meaty little booklet; and, like any good piece of meat, it is packed with the right amount of flavors that are distinctive but not jarringly so. Thus we have Dr. K. Scott Oliphint's essay on "The Irrationality of Unbelief" where he exegetes Romans 1:18-32 and shows the "deep and wide" implications of this passage to Christian apologetics.

He writes: "All sin, as sin, is rooted in an irrationality that seeks in earnest to deny what is obvious and to create a world that is nothing more than a figment of a sinful imagination."

I'd like to take the implications of this a step further: If we are creating a world based on our own vain imaginations, then we should have no problem realizing that the foundations of society are seemlingly turning into sand. No one should expect this kind of society to work.

More on this essay later...

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