Monday, September 20, 2021

Peter Leithart on V-Mandate Resistance

To submit to a vaccine mandate is implicitly to endorse a political order that is willing to make participation in everyday life contingent on an unwanted medical procedure." -Peter Leithart

In the rest of the commentary, he notes that his individual resistance is a measure to thwart biopolitical technocracy. He explains:

"I oppose vaccine mandates because I want to do my small part to gum up the works. I don’t mean the works of the Biden administration, but the much larger global trend toward biopolitical technocracy. As Roberto Esposito put it in Biopolitics, political authority was traditionally the authority to kill. Under the reign of biopolitics, rulers care for and manage life. Once upon a time, the ruler bore a sword; now, a syringe."

So in other words, "biopolitical technocracy" is a kind of ideology and government type that should be opposed. 

It should be opposed as fervently as one opposes fascism, or socialism, or American exceptionalism (especially the kind that wants to impose the American order on the rest of the world by bombs and bullets), or neoconservatism (and this only wants to impose the American order on the rest of the world by bombs and bullets).

Remember folks, Jesus is King so the State is not.

Read the rest here: Why I Didn't Get the COVID Vaccine | Peter Leithart

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