Saturday, March 19, 2011

Gary North on Rothbard's Devastating Criticisms

From the speech Murray Rothbard as Academic Role Model:
Murray, however, was more like Samson in the biblical motif. He wasn’t using the jawbone of an ass; he was using Human Action – intellectually speaking devastating anyone he challenged. Rothbard’s challenges—when you’re done reading a Rothbard critique of somebody, you almost feel sorry for the victim. I mean he will start at the kneecap—those go immediately. Then he starts working on the arms and coup de grâce is when the head goes off.

Now this is completely different from David Gordon’s materials. Of course, he does it with this unbelievable slicing stiletto that the guy doesn’t know he’s got three or four mortal wounds in him and then they find the body drained of blood 20 minutes after the review is finished. You don’t see the guy being hammered to death, you just see at the end “you know I think he’s dead.”

With Rothbard you knew he was dead. You knew he was finished halfway through the review, but you just stuck around to see how the cou de gras would go.

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