Wednesday, June 11, 2014

My initial thoughts on David Brat: The Cantor-burier

So about that "rejoicing" that I was talking about....

...came from the little part of me that likes seeing the establishment upended in the way I wanted to see it upended: at low cost.

...but David Brat, is a mixed bag in the same way Rand Paul is a mixed bag: Good on some things, bad on others, never someone I can truly support. He's against indefinite detention, NSA spying, IRS targeting, and against runaway executive power. Good things. He's pro-life and pro-religious liberty. Also good things.

We are also in agreement on what I believe is the #1 issue of our time: "deficits without end, debt over $17 trillion and unfunded entitlement liabilities are over $125 trillion." (Source: His campaign site)

But upon further investigation, he's not too fond of my economic school of thought. He's a self-described "free-market, Milton Friedman economist." I'm opposed to Friedman because in all things he was not free-market.

Now he isn't bad as Eric Cantor for sure on war. But he believes that U.S. "Projection of power" is important without which there would otherwise be "chaos." (MSNBC 6/11/14).

That is very troubling indeed.

Nevertheless, I hope for the best. Put it this way, if elected, if he just focuses on what I agree with him on, it will be as if I never disagreed with him at all.

H/T to Lew Rockwell's blog for the Canter-bury title. It was their innovation; not mine.

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