Friday, December 17, 2010

Advice for the 30-and-Under-Club

Simon Black, a man whom I have never heard of until I saw his recent post on, gives some interesting, and agreeable advice for the 30-and-under-club.

Go explore the world and get an education based on experience, not expensive academic theory.

Find people whose lifestyles you want to emulate and make yourself indispensable to them as an apprentice… this will be the only time in your life that you can afford to work for nothing in exchange for a valuable, first-hand education.

Most of all, stop playing by everyone else’s rules. Refuse to be enslaved by the idea that it’s your civic and moral responsibility to pay off the debts of your government’s failures.
The second one I absolutely agree with. In fact, I have drafted a few cover letters to journalists who I hope will allow me to apprentice under them for free. Not only will this benefit me short-term (via the added skill) but it will also benefit me long-term (I can now ask for a hefty letter of recommendation from an established person in the field).

Think about the possibilities in your area of interest.

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