Monday, December 13, 2010

Video: Surviving Without Money

What does a society that experienced hyperinflation and now is in its post-hyperinflation stages look like? Well, a lot like Argentina in the video below.

Watch and see how they survive.

Barter is one among other things. Seeing that they are still living and breathing and didn't kill each other off actually gives me hope among all the "societal collapse" prognosticators that the U.S. can bounce back, slowly and somehow.

In January 1988, a writer at The Freeman visited various South American countries and described the experience:
How would you like to live in an economy without memory, where you don’t know the price of anything day to day or the value of the wage you are paid? That’s what it’s like under hyperinflation, in Argentina, supermarket prices are increased twice daily. During the two weeks we were in Brazil recently, interest rates rose 100% from 330% to 430%. Bolivia’s demand for money is so great that its third largest import is currency.
Read the rest here.

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