Monday, September 29, 2014

My favorite verse on Lecrae's "Anomaly"

In high school
we tried to act all tough
I remember a couple times
I couldn't back that up
Like when I ran from them vatos, scuffing up my zapatos
Scared of losing my hide
I was so embarrassed inside
If I could go back in time
I would stand and say something like
I ain't never scared, 
never scared, never scared
I'm lying, I'm scared of these thoughts in my head
I'm scared of possibly pushing people right over the ledge
When I say I pledge allegiance to the struggle
Then, I turn around and buckle
Under stress and under pressure
Bible on my dresser that can teach my pain a lesson
But I rather not address it
Address that's in depression
I'm scared if I confess it
That you gon' look at me like I'm something less
And I'm such a mess

"Fear" by Lecrae, from the "Anomaly" album

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