Wednesday, November 25, 2015

More Breast Cancer and Flaxseed Resources

Editor's Note: While I am not familiar with the below doctor's work, I am posting his video here because he says what my trusted resources say directly.

Ground Flaxseed and its Role in Breast Cancer Prevention

Takeaways from "Ground Flaxseed and its Role in Breast Cancer Prevention":
    1. Take two tablespoons of ground flaxseed daily. Why not whole flaxseed? Whole flaxseed won't deliver all the nutrients packed in the seed. In seed form, most of the nutrients will pass right through you. There are 800x more flaxseed in any other food that could be mentioned. This is what was said in the video.
    2. As a result, your body will make Phytoestrogens, which is a weak estrogen.These are going to compete with your more dangerous estrogens so that your rate of cell division will slow. 
    3. If the rate of cell multiplication is slower, then it is less likely that genetic mistakes that lead to cancer will occur.
    4. This works! Fibrocystic breast disease patients were given flaxseed and it reversed the condition in a high percentage of women. I actually read a testimony from a Youtube commenter under the previous "Can Flax Seeds Help Prevent Breast Cancer?" videos saying she started a plant-based diet and she reversed her condition (not your most scientific source, of course). Because the flaxseed slowed the rate of cell division, "it shrunk many of the lesions in the breast that were very painful."
    5. Ground flax seed blocks the formation of dangerous estrogrens in the body, including estrogen that's formed in fat cells.
    Sugar Can Increase the Risk of Breast Cancer

    Takeaways from "Sugar Can Increase the Risk of Breast Cancer":

    • Too much fat in the abdominal area produces insulin resistance. Harder for your body to clear blood sugar from your system. Too many starchy food, blood sugar rises.
    • Insulin levels go up when blood sugar goes up. It's the insulin that tells your breast cancer cells to divide more rapidly. 
    • More cancerous mutations are likely to develop when this happens.
    • Once breast cancer cells are formed, they "almost exclusively" rely on blood sugar to thrive. Lots of fuel to spread across entire body.
    • 90ml/decileter best blood sugar
    • exercise
    • endurance exercise
    • Stay away from refined sugars
    • stay away from carbs

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