Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I'm Disgusted With The Republican Party

In reaction to the news that the RNC sought a rules change to avoid a floor fight:
I am very slow to anger but I think what the Republican Party did to the Ron Paul people is just despicable and disgusting. It's absolutely deplorable that Paul supporters have been shut out of GOP state conventions, denied seats to duly elected delegates, arrested, and had the rules changed on them the week of the very convention they were sent to vote at.

This is a party that is all about squelching and silencing opposition, even at the cost of an election.

So I ask: What is wrong with a little internal dissent?And is clamping down on dissent really worth it when the cost is the very support you are trying to win over?
Of course, it could be completely be the case that the Republicans know that they would have a hard time winning over the Paul people, and would have to make so many concessions on the platform ad infinitum that in their minds it is justified to prevent a floor fight.
It could completely be the case that they believe they can't win us over, so preventing a public relations mess would be timely right about now.
We're honest people and our rallies and organizations are the true grassroots. Our rallies are not funded by the Koch Brothers like Americans for Prosperity, just every day, hardworking -- and intelligent -- people.
And this is the kind of opposition they want squelched? Other grassroots that aren't too Ron Paul-friendly should be on our side, because it might be their turn one day to be on the receiving end of the GOP strong arm.
The Republican Party does not know how to handle the Ron Paul revolution. They think they can just pander to us and get our vote but they are dead wrong. It's going to take a lot more than just adding "Audit the Fed" to the GOP platform to win my vote.

I'm voting Ron Paul.

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