Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Weekly Health Review, Vol. 10

Editor's Note: The Goins Report did not publish a Weekly Health Review last week.

Conservatives say that August 1 would be the day religious liberty died, reports.

Kyle Drennen caught NBC journalists "gushing" over the celebration of Europe's National Health Service over at Newbusters.

The Fiscal Times reports that five percent of Americans account for half of health care spending in 2009.

The United States Postal Service is on its way to default because of retiree benefits, the Associated Press reports.

The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons highlighted several areas to reform and proposed solutions to fix it.

The AAPS released their Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons for Summer 2012 including an article on "the healthcare bubble" and an insider's view of "the medical insurance mess and the health care law Supreme Court case.

FLASHBACK: The POLITICO reports on several telling arguments from the oral arguments for and against the 2010 healthcare law (w/video).

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