Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Carly Fiorina: Donald Trump Went Bankrupt Four Times

Carly Fiorina points out that Donald Trump invested other people's money and went bankrupt four times.

Donald Trump denied going bankrupt.

But a video posted by Reason.TV just moments before the exchange reveals that Donald Trump did, in fact, go bankrupt.

Trump biographer Jerome Tucille explains that "[Trump] doesn't do a deal unless other people are putting up the money. He's very good at losing other people's money and preserving his own."

Fiorina brought up his bankruptcy and investing habits in light of taxpayer money.

This is my interpretation of what she said, but I think Fiorina was making the connection that as president he will badly spend taxpayer money.

I think it's a good point. The great wall of America which Trump wants to build to keep immigrants out is an example of that. Taxpayers -- even if Mexican taxpayers -- will lose tons of money on an expensive project that can be spent elsewhere or (even better) not spent at all.

"Other people," in this case Mexican taxpayers, will be on the hook for one of Donald Trump's investments.

Trump's website says "a nation without a border is not a nation." So, apparently, the 239 years that have passed since 1776 we were never a nation. And, apparently, ever other country that lacks a wall also are not, and never have been, nations.

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